Mahjong Games Online – How its played.

The game of mahjong is, in my opinion, one of the games most curious, funny and strategic that I know off. Flourished in the old Chinese times and their existence disappears between the time of their dynasties.



At first the game was meant to be played with four players. Indeed, the purpose of the game is quite simple. Make pairs with tiles from the board and in the process get to remove them all. Logically the rules make the object of the game difficult to achieve, such as the chips are free, ie, that are not blocked by a record top and having one of the sides free. It consists of 144 tiles with different shapes and patterns. They range from floral symbols, symbols of Chinese mythology, numbers and some more. Exactly are divided into three suits, winds, dragons, flowers and season’s a very social game as four people are needed to play.

Mahjong Played in Streets of China – Video


Further rules can be learned in a couple of games. If you want to know all the rules and regulations of the game you can visit the wikipedia page where step by step explained mahjong game. But for those who can not wait to be four or play the full game online versions are provided. They are actually versions that use the name and some of the forms of mahjong for a matching game or link partners. the versions online are meant for a single player because the original mahjong can not be applied.

In no chips alone are dealt to each games played, all the chips are bocaarriba in the center of a table above other and forming some kind of symbol. these online games in many formats and new variants. For example we have games like the original mahjong where you have to make pairs with free chips and is for example this version of mahjong junction where one can also choose the cards that are linkable. Which are those that could unite to form a bond between them or drawing a line in the form of S or U.

Mahjong Games Online

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